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There are many top security companies in the world, but one stands out in particular. Securitas AB ranks number two on the list with revenues of USD 9.23 billion last fiscal year. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Securitas employs over 300,000 people in 53 countries. It controls 19 percent of the market for European guarding and mobile security.

Which is the Richest Security Company in the World?

CACI is another example of a big security firm. This multinational professional services and information technology company had revenues of USD 4.35 billion in 2018. This makes it the 6th richest security firm in the world.

Which is the Richest Security Company in the World?

The five largest security companies have revenues of more than $1 billion globally, with a large percentage of Los Angeles home security systems Security systems Los Angeles. These companies have the power to set industry standards and make broad strategic decisions.

Another top security company is Immuniweb. This company helps reduce compliance and application security costs for companies. It has recently been awarded the SC Awards Europe 2018 in the category of the best use of AI and machine learning. It is one of the newer security management companies, but its performance has put it among the world’s biggest.

Pinkerton has been protecting celebrities and high-net-worth individuals for more than 170 years. Its client list includes Fortune 100 executives, entertainment figures, royalty, and diplomats. The company is committed to human rights. Its services protect individuals and property worldwide.