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A qualified roof inspector can help you assess the damage to your roof. They can identify hidden problems, such as creased shingles or wind-damaged shingles. In addition to identifying the damage to your roof, the inspector can also help you determine if you can make a claim. In most cases, an insurance company will approve a claim if the roof can be repaired with “like-kind” materials.

Should I Make a Claim on My Roof?

There are two main types of claims for roofing damage: general weather conditions and roof damage. General weather conditions like hail, snow, and wind damage are not usually covered. In some cases, a storm can trigger a claim, but this depends on the insurance company and your specific policy parameters. Also:  check out Tampa Florida Architects.

Should I Make a Claim on My Roof?

The age of your roof is also a key factor in determining whether or not your roof is covered. If you have an older roof dallas roof repair, updating its age can help lower your insurance premium.

When making a claim, it’s important to know your insurance policy and the timeframe for submitting a claim. Most policies have specific deadlines for submitting a claim. If you wait too long, your claim may be denied. Luckily, there are many resources that can help you gather evidence to support your claim.

The cost of replacing a roof can be significantly more than the deductible. Therefore, it’s important to calculate the cost of the roof repair before making a claim.

If it costs $1,500 to repair the damage, it may not be worth it to file a claim. A claim of $2,500 would cost more than the deductible and would remain on your records for three years. If you only need to replace a small part of your roof, filing a claim may be unnecessary.