Making Auction Website with WordPress

Auction sites are extremely popular nowadays, and I’m not only talking about eBay. People like taking parts in auctions and they are used to. Though, the giant auction portals have a vast amount of visitors and reputation, it does not mean that we have no chance to build a profitable auction website. There are a few niche sites for holding auctions.

It is not hard to find an auction script. Most of these tools are pretty good, but the most reliable ones are expensive. They are good for making a large online business, but for a smaller niche auction portal WordPress is unquestionably the best solution.

Why use WordPress to build an online auction website?

Here are two of the greatest advantages you should consider.Making Auction Website Using WordPress

You can create it for free. Yes, there are free plugins you can use. You need a good theme, some customization and your site is up. Or for some bucks, you can get a WordPress auction theme that has all the features you will need.

WP can be extended easily if it necessary. Would you like to add a newsletter, article section, gallery or forum? Any kind of section and feature can be added simply by installing a plugin. Most of the other PHP auction scripts can only be modified by hard coding.

Of course, there are many other beneficial, but these are genuinely useful if you want to build a web site for holding auction.


How you can Make a WordPress Auction Website

There are two ways. The first one is to use a theme, the other is by using plugins.

I think, using an auction theme is far better, though you need to pay for them. As it was mentioned premium themes come with all the features you and the members will need to handle the sales, manage payments, display the ads etc. They are out of the box, so no coding is needed at all. Last, but not least they come with proper layout.

Here is the review of the best auction WordPress themes.

Premium Themes to Make Auction Website

Two of the best themes

The other way is to use an auction plugin. To tell, the truth there are not so many plugins for this aim. If you use this solution, you can use your own theme. Below you can find the best 2 tools.


This is a premium plugin you can use to add auctions to your WordPress site or let members to that that. It comes with many powerful features to host different sorts of auctions and display theme on your site anywhere.

Here is a video how to use it.


It is Paypal ready meaning you can charge your members to post auctions and or premium features. The admin area is professionally designed with everything you need to run a professional auction site. Features include auction listing, auction showcase, auction duration, reserve price, comments and tons more.

More details and demos here


No matter which way you choose to make your auction website, WordPress will be an excellent platform for that. But, before letting your site going “live”, make tests to be sure that everything works properly. And of course, you will need to promote it to make it worthwhile.


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