How to Make Review Website with WordPress

If you want to make a review website, you are on the right way to make money online. Review websites are one of the best tools to make money with affiliate marketing. These sorts of sites convert exceptionally well as the people who land on the pages have buyer intend. They want to purchase the product, but they need a bit more info to decide. From a small amount of visitors, you can have far more affiliate commissions as the traffic is extremely targeted.

For this type of website WordPress is the best CMS. Once because, you can find all the necessary tools you will need, plus there are some out of the box themes. Below you can learn how to make a niche review site which will make you money.


How You can Make Review Website

What You Need

To tell the truth, nothing serious is needed. You need to install WordPress, choose a theme and add the plugins which are necessary for SEO.

Though any sort of theme can be suitable, but I strongly suggest using a WordPress review theme. This kind of themes has specially built structure and elements. They help to post better reviews, compare products, and they also help to get far better click through rates on your referral links. For example, they have a built-in rating system.How to Make Review Website

On the other hand, if you do not want to use a theme you can use rating & review plugins which let you add ratings or they help to make better organized and more informative posts. But if you use them you will have to design the review site on your own.

If you have ever built a site with WordPress, you know that you need to install SEO plugins which enhance your site for search engines. These sorts of plugins help to optimize your review websites for search engines. Overall, they help to get better rankings and with that more traffic.

Another essential thing that has to be mentioned is that you need to add legal pages. These are the about us, declaimer, terms of use and contact pages.

Last, but not least there are some additional sections and plugins you need to add which are useful for affiliate marketing. The following ones are useful: opt-in form to collect subscribers as well as social sharing and subscribing buttons.

Quality of the Content

I think it is usually a big mistake of the affiliate marketers that they concentrate on their site and less on the content. If you want to make a profitable review site, you will have to share reviews that are useful for the visitors and at the same time encourage them to buy the products via your referral link.

I think, a good review must be reliable, for example, the cons of the products should be mentioned, as well. It should also contains at least one image and a video. It should contain a good call to action button or phrase. Sharing valuable reviews is not only beneficial to have more returning visitors, but also for search engine optimization.

Overall, offer detailed, informative reviews and you will have far more revenue.


Source: How to Write a Product Review

Promoting Your WordPress Review Website

When your review website is ready and contain some post, the next step is to promote it. There are tons of ways to get free traffic. You can build links, share on social media sites and on forums. You can find many methods to get traffic.

All in all, making a review sites is not so complicated and the success of it depends on the content. One last tip, do not post only review articles, but others as well which are relevant to your niche. Thin affiliate sites does not rank well in search engines. Post 3-4 relevant articles and then 1 review one. Good luck to your review site! If you have other ideas on how to build a review site, send a comment.

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