How to Make Hotel Website

So, you want to make a hotel website, now read on before you start to do it. There are many ways we can make a website for a hotel. We can choose from various content management systems such as Drupal or Joomla that can be modified to have proper design and functions which are needed for a hotel site. It is not hard to get some sort of website templates, but we must not forget that these CMS need more knowledge of programming in HTML, PHP etc.

That is the reason I suggest you to use WordPress. Yes, it is a blogging platform, but because of its coding it is incredibly flexible and can be turned to any sort of site. Because of its flexibility and the plugins, themes it can be modified to any website. Below you can get some info on how to make a hotel website using WordPress.

What are the Advantages of WordPress?

  • First and foremost, it is extremely easy to use and manage. Different kind of content can be easily added, and by using plugins, we can create custom posts types which may be useful when we want to build a website for a hotel.
  • Moreover, it is optimized for search engines, and it can be improved if we use SEO plugins. This is important as an optimized site ranks higher in search engines, which means free traffic. This helps the website owner to spend less money on advertising.
  • It is free. You can set up a hotel website without any money as there are free plugins and themes you can use.
  • Furthermore, there are several notable plugins and themes which are specially built for building a hotel, restaurant, cafe sites.

What are the necessary functions of a hotel website?

In my point of view, there are two things, which are totally necessary for a hotel site. Attractive and easy to navigate layout and booking function. Fortunately, both of them can be easily made if you use WordPress.

There are professionally looking hotel WordPress themes with attractive design. You can find free ones as well, but premium ones are far better considering that they come with built-in booking function. I think, they are the best solutions to make a hotel website.

 Best Hotel WordPress Themes Compared

How to Make Hotel Website

A Premium Hotel Theme Example

In case, you do not want to use a ready made  hotel theme, you can use plugins which let you add the reservation and booking function.

What other sections are needed? Since, a hotel website promote a business we need to give as much information as possible for the reader. Therefore, we should add galleries where the rooms can be seen, testimonials, a page where visitors can check if a room is available or not. The site should support online payments and has to have a contact page.

Last, but not least the room pages need to provide all sorts of information on the room such as price, extras includes, excludes etc.

There are some reservation and booking plugins for free, but I suggest using Booking Calendar, it is really powerful. You can check out the video below how it works.

Source: How To Manage An Online Booking System with WordPress

How to Build a Good Hotel Site with WordPress

There are two ways. You can use a premium hotel theme which come with all the functions you will need. If you choose a premium one, you will only need to install it, customize it for your needs and your hotel site ready. No other plugins are needed, no styling work has to be done. The customers can get all the information they will need at one place.

The other way is to use plugins. If your WP hotel template does not support the mentioned functions, you can add them to your hotel site by using plugins.

What kind of plugins you will need?

  • Contact form.
  • One that adds the function of booking/reservation.
  • Plugin that allows customers to pay at least via Paypal.
  • Last but not least, you will need to create pages for displaying images for the rooms, and should create valuable room pages.

Build Hotel Website - Booking Plugin


As you can see the making a hotel website with WordPress, is exceptionally easy. However, if you want to sell websites for hotel owners, I recommend using a premium one. Within some hours, you can set the website up, and sell it for 5-10 time more than the theme cost for you. I think, it is a pretty good business.

Do you have other ideas or suggestions on how to make a hotel website with WordPress? Share with us!


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