Connecting Linkedin and WordPress

Connecting Linkedin and WordPress

One of the largest social network is Linkedin that offer immense possibilities for getting customers, business partners and more exposure for websites. Therefore, connecting your WordPress site and Linkedin profile is a considerable idea. This way, whenever you publish a post on your blog, it will be reposted on your Linkedin profile automatically. Simple and extremely powerful solution for syndicating your content.

On the other hand, this sort of auto posting is only useful for those who publish only posts that are relevant to their business. Therefore, if you usually add posts which you do not want to be published on Linkedin, the manual syndication is the way for you.

Connecting Linkedin and WordPress is remarkably easy since you can use plugins which are easy to set up. Learn how to connect Linked and WordPress below by using the two best plugins.


This plugin offers a lot of functions to customize and enhance your WordPress blog. Among those, there are some which lets you automatic sharing to the largest social networks such as Twitter, Linkein, Facebook, Tumblr etc. Connecting your WordPress site to Linkedin is exceptionally effortless. You will only need to fix it, and that is all. Whenever a new post is published it will be shared automatically.


Connect WordPress to Linkein using JetPack



JetPack Connecting


Social Networks Auto-Poster

Another more customizable solution is to use social network auto poster which is a better solution for those who want to tweak the posts on Linkedin. On top of that, it supports more networks. However, what makes it a bit harder to use is that you will need to make an app for your website before connection.

Here is a short tutorial.

Setup/Installation: LinkedIn

1. Create an app for your website

1. Login to your LinkedIn account.
2. Go to the Developers page:
3. Click your name in the top right corner and select “API Keywords” from the menu or just go to the
3. Click “+Add New Application” button. Fill “Company Name”, “Application Name”, all other required info, agree to terms of use and click “Add Application”.


Wordpress Auto Poster Plugin

All in one solution for syndicating content


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