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On June 1, 2011
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Features-rich plugin to build Amazon stores or add relevant products to existing posts.

Building an Amazon store is still an easy and fast way to generate some online income and now it can be done easily and automatically by using a perfect WordPress Amazon plugin. It is a proven fact that Amazon Associates is one of the simplest way to earn money online and it is one of the most popular and preferred source for affiliate marketers.

Amazon is an extremely huge, well-known and popular internet store, there are millions of products available there. Because of  their strong brand, we can simply promote, sell, and earn commission if we choose the right ways and tools to promote. On the other hand, Amazon itself is extremely optimized so as to have better conversions.

What should you do before building an affiliate site?

Before starting an Amazon affiliate store your should do a complete niche and keyword research to find an untapped, low competitive one. You can do this easily by using a niche finder software. So that, you have the chance to get better rankings in search engines and with that more targeted visitors and more sales.

To build Amazon stores, I suggest you to use a premium WordPress amazon affiliate plugin called WP Zon, which creates optimized websites with hundreds of products fast and easy. You only need to add keywords.

Why WPZon WordPress Amazon Plugin

This is an exceptionally easy to use and feature rich tool that enables to make affiliate websites easily, no matter what type of products you want to sell. It lets you add hundreds of products to your store in minutes and most importantly the generated posts are SEO friendly.

Although, it comes with many options, it is extremely easy to use, making it a good choice for novice users,  as well. But expert users can also find some extra features.

Why do I call it the best Amazon WordPress plugin? Because it enables to create a complete, optimized stores automatically which contains posts that are useful for visitors as they not only contain texts, but images, comments, videos and rankings. So the content is useful for visitors and with that for the search engines. You probably know that on-site optimization is terribly important nowadays


Wordpress Amazon Plugin to Build Affiliate Stores


Personally, I like those plugins that offer a lot of options for the admin, and I have to say this software offers a lot of features which is unique among those. It offers many options from designing to SEO which I found particularly useful. Here is a list of the most notable features.

  • Create Hundreds Of Posts In Minutes
  • Easily Search Amazon For Products
  • Customer Reviews In Posts
  • Works with all Associate Program (Any Country)
  • Click Reporting
  • Important SEO Options: Link Cloaking, All-In-One SEO Pack Integration, NOFollow set up, Auto-Bolding etc.
  • Easily Translate To Another Language
  • Automatic Post Tagging
  • Add YouTube video Reviews
  • Some responsive niche themes are included for simpler start.

Overall, this is a great alternative for those who do not want to use an amazon WordPress theme.

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All in all, if you want to build your professional and profitable store this is a good possibility. On top of that, if you purchase you will get a free course . If you know similar WordPress Amazon plugins which should be mentioned here please comment or submit your review below.

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