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When you buy gold jewelry, you may notice that some pieces have letter markings. Sometimes these are carved into the band or are near the clasp. This type of marking usually means something, such as “18K” for 18 parts gold and 6 parts other metal. This information can help you distinguish between gold-plated jewelry and real gold. Listed below are some common letter markings on gold jewelry. Read on to learn more about them and know what they mean!

Letter Markings on Gold Jewelry

Numbers or letters stamped on gold jewelry are a great way to tell how pure the metal is. These symbols are usually accompanied by a “k.” In America, “k” is the minimum mark for gold jewelry. Generally, jewelry with a “k” stamped on it is 10 karats or higher. When buying gold jewelry, check for these stamps and pay attention to the purity mark. Gold jewelry without a gold stamp may be fake.

Gold Jewelry
Gold Jewelry

Fineness markings are found alongside the karat mark, which tells how pure the metal inside is. Jewelry with a 14K fineness stamp contains 24 parts of pure gold Wholesale Gold Jewelry. A 10K fineness mark shows that only 12 parts of that 24 parts are pure. A 16K fineness stamp means the gold in the jewelry is eighteen percent pure, which is higher than a 14K jewelry. For example, jewelry with a 10K fineness mark has at least twelve parts pure gold.