Wordpress Tips & Tutorials

Wordpress is definitely one of the most flexible content management system, though basically it started as a blogging platform. By using plugins or themes we can make nearly any sorts of website easily. On the other hand, you can easily customize it, add new functions and sections. Within this category you can find tips and tutorials to make website with WP and how to modify it for different purposes.

Wordpress Tips and Tutorials

How to Make WordPress Online Shop


There is no question that WordPress is one of the most powerful publish system which can be turned to any sorts of website. It is basically a blogging platform, but because of its high flexibility, the huge number of extensions and themes, we can make a WordPress online shop easily. There are two ways for […]

Make Yelp Clone with WordPress Easily

Make Yelp Clone

Check out how you can make Yelp clone or other types of business directory websites using Wordpress. All you need to know about themes and plugins.

How to Clean WordPress Database

Optimizing Wordpress Database

Follow these techniques which help you to optimize the Wordpress database. As a result your site will load faster and the size of database will be smaller.

Connecting Linkedin and WordPress

JetPack Connecting

Check out two easy ways to connect Linkedin and Wordpress in order to share your posts on your profile.

How to Make Review Website with WordPress

How to Make Review Website

Learn what you need and how to make a review website that convert and rank far better and with that makes you much more money.

Making Auction Website with WordPress

Making Auction Website Using Wordpress

Tips and tools you need to build profitable auction website using Wordpress. Check out the tools you can use and what are the best practices.

How to Make Hotel Website

Welcome Inn WP Hotel & Spa Theme

Everything you need to know about building a Wordpress hotel website. Learn what you need and what sort of Wordpress solutions you can use.

How Social Media Marketing can Help Your Blog

How Social Media Marketing can Help Your Blog

Learn how social media marketing can help to improve your blog and what you need to do to get the most from this marketing strategy.

How to Make Profitable WordPress Website

How to Make Profitable Website

Learn how you can make profitable websites or blog even you are a beginner or do not know anything about online business.

Disabling WordPress Comments & Trackbacks

Disabling Wordpress Comments and Trackback

Tutorials to get rid of Wordpress comments and trackbacks easily and fast.

How to Create a Gallery in WordPress Posts

How to Add Gallery to Wordpress Post

Learn how you can make a gallery in Wordpress posts without using a plugin.

How to Export and Import WordPress Content

Importing Feature in Wordpress

Learn how you can export and import the content of your Wordpress blog such as posts, tags, categories etc. easily.

Importing RSS Feed to WordPress

How to Import RSS Feed to Wordpress

Check out this tutorial how to import any RSS feed to Wordpress very easily and within minutes.

Why Convert HTML to WordPress

Why Convert HTML to Wordpress

Learn why you should convert HTML to Wordpress. Check out the advantages of using Wordpress for your website instead of an HTML template.

Why Choose Premium WordPress Themes

How to Find Optimal Wordpress Theme

There are tons of WordPress themes that you can download, both free and premium ones. It is not hard to find a directory where we can download free, nice looking themes, but here I would like to talk about why using  a premium WordPress theme for your online business is the best solution. There is […]

Choosing WordPress Shopping Cart

Wp Store - Wordpress eCommerce Themes

Learn what you should check in a Wordpress shopping cart solution to build a webstore that works perfectly and easy to use for customers.

How to Build Social Network with WordPress

BuddyPress Review

There is no question that social networking sites are the most popular nowadays as they offer all the goodies people like. These are the places on the net where people can come together and share their thoughts, experiments etc. Building a niche social networking site is definitely a good idea considering that it will be […]

Choosing the Optimal WordPress Business Theme

Wordpress Business Theme

Learn how to choose a Wordpress business theme, what functions and layout features must be included to build a business website.

What is a Good WordPress Adsense Theme

Wordpress Adsense Theme Map

Want to use a Wordpress adsense theme? If yes, checkout what sort of features must it have, and learn how to increase your Adsense income at the same time.

Best 3 WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins


Check out the best 3 Wordpress anti-spam plugins that really protect your Wordpress blog from spam comments.

How to Solve High WordPress Memory Usage

High Wordpress Memory Usage

These tips will help you to solve the problem of high Wordpress memory usage. These tips are rather easy so even beginners can do them.

How to Add Tables to Your Posts

Wordpress Table Plugin

Best 3 Wordpress table pugins that help you to create great looking tables into your posts easily without using HTMl codes etc.

How to Make WordPress Mobile Friendly

Wordpress Mobile Plugin

Making Wordpress mobile friendly is really important as using the internet via mobile devices is more and more usual, so it is really important to make your Wordpress site mobile friendly. Check out the best 3 Wordpress mobile plugins here.

How to Make Your WordPress Blog Secure

How to Make Wordpress Secure

Check out these tips and plugins that help you to make your Wordpress blog much more secure. Learn how to prevent hacker attacks and malicious infections.

Top 30 WordPress Plugins

Top Wordpress Plugins

Check out the top 30 Wordpress plugins that help you to build better blogs. Collection of the most useful and trusted Wordpress plugins for many purposes.

How to Make WordPress Faster

Make Wordpress Faster

Check out what you should do and what sort of plugins you should use in order to have a faster loading Wordpress site that is important for SEO and better user experience.

Best WordPress Plugins for 2012

Wordpress plugins

Check out out these Wordpress plugins that you should consider to use on your blogs in 2012.

How to Build Amazon Website with WordPress

How to Build Amazon Wordpress Website

Learn how to build Amazon affiliate sites by using Wordpress. Check why and how you should build sites promoting Amazon products.

Why Use WordPress


Checkout why Wordpress is the best solution to build any kind of websites and why WP is the best content management system.

Tips to Optimize WordPress Category Pages

Optmizing Category Pages with Wordpress SEO

Learn how you can optimize Wordpress category pages for better SEO and more free traffic from search engines. Follow these simple steps to get the most from your category pages.

Choosing the Best WordPress Theme

How to Find Optimal Wordpress Theme

Learn what factors you should check before choosing and installing a Wordpress theme for your blog. Check out how to find the optimal Wordpress theme.

8 Useful WordPress SEO Tips

Search Engine Optmization

8 very useful Wordpress SEO tips that helps you to optimize your blog better to get higher ranks in search engines and with that more free, targeted traffic.

WordPress Shopping Carts Pros and Cons

Wordpress Shopping Carts

Check out what are the pros and cons of using Wordpress shopping carts.