Best Free Wordpress Plugins

Collection of the most powerful free plugins which help to optimize, to modify and to improve your website. All the mentioned free plugins here are continuously developed and compatible with the latest WP version. We hope you will find what you are looking for.


Best Free Wordpress Plugins

Best 5 WordPress Comment Plugins


These are the 5 most useful comment plugin for Wordpress which helps to get more comments and returning visitors.

Best 5 WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Wordpress Easy Contact Form

Selection of the most powerful Wordpress contact form builder plugins which offer the most and best features to make custom forms with ease.

Best WordPress Analytics Plugins

Best Wordpress Analytics Plugins

Review of the best 4 analytics plugins for Wordpress which offer the most detailed statistics on your visitors and website.

Top WordPress Review and Rating Plugins

WP Review Engine Screenshot

Collection of the top Wordpress review and rating plugins which help to build better review websites with Wordpress.

Top 5 Free WordPress Backup Plugins

Xcloner -Welcome Screen

Best 5 free Wordpress backup plugins which offer the best feature to back up and restore your Wordpress website easily. These tools help to keep your blog safe as well.

Top WordPress Plugins to Build Community


Check out the best Wordpress plugins that help you to build a community to your blog easily.